Wood Stove Sense

A wood stove is a cost-effective way to warm your house. The newer, EPA-certified models are more efficient and emit less pollution than ever before, making wood stoves an attractive, modern solution for home heating. Care must be taken, however, to ensure the safe use of a wood stove.

The most important feature when shopping for a wood stove is the output, which should match the size and configuration of your home. Stove size is directly related to the heat it emits. Building a small fire in a large stove is not considered safe and should not be a method to control temperature. A stove dealer can help you calculate the right stove size for your home.

Installing a wood stove in Portland, Oregon requires a permit and a safety inspection. Some licensed chimney builders, like Chimcare, also install wood stoves. A carefree installation can ease your transition to using a wood stove.

There are a few things yet to know before you get started using your wood stove. It’s important to always burn dry wood and to keep the temperatures of both your wood stove (>1,100 °F) and flue (>250 °F) hot enough to minimize creosote production.

A wood stove and its flue will always need regular chimney cleaning. Ash should be removed from the tray every week and a thorough cleaning of the connector joints and flue should be done at least once a year. Most chimney sweep companies, like Chimcare, will clean wood stoves and their venting systems at a reasonable cost.

Some groundwork and maintenance may be involved with installing and operating a wood stove safely, but the money-saving and added comfort are benefits that will make it all worthwhile.  Chimcare also sells and installs Free Standing Wood Stoves & Wood Stove Inserts.  Call Today for the best fireplace shop in Portland Oregon

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