When is it time for a Chimney Cleaning?

By Jesse Peralta

If you wrote in the search engine box, “How often should I get my chimney cleaned?” then chances are, you are due for a chimney sweep portland.  Most people don’t realize that their chimney should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year to help prevent a fire.

The soot (creosote) that covers a dirty firebox or chimney flue can easily catch fire. Surprisingly, this is how over 16,000 house fires a year start in the US.  Not all homes are the same, however.  Accumulation of creosote varies depending on several factors including the height of your chimney flue, whether the flue is insulated, or how hot you burn your fires.

Creosote is formed when wood burning gasses cool. This can occur inside the chimney if it is too long or too cold. It can also occur if you burn a small fire or a fire that has a lot of moisture or smoke.

The Nation Fire Protection Agency recommends a chimney cleaning at least once a year, yet under certain conditions, you may need your chimney cleaned more or less often. Your chimney sweep can help you determine how often your service should be scheduled to ensure your maximum safety.

Jesse Peralta

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