What’s that smell?

What’s that smell you ask?  Do you have a foul smell coming from your chimney? It’s a sign that something’s amiss. A slight smoky odor is normal, but anything more than that could indicate excess creosote, animal pests, or mold growth.

Creosote build-up on your chimney looks and smells like tar. It’s a good idea to have creosote removed once a year because it’s highly flammable. A chimney professional, like Chimcare LLC, can clean your chimney in just a few hours and leave your house smelling a whole lot better.

Animals living inside of your chimney can cause a host of problems, but the smell caused by dead animals and animal droppings is at the top of the list. A chimney cleaning can remove any evidence of animals. In addition, installing a chimney cap can prevent more animals from making their home in your chimney.

Another common odor problem is mold. Chimney sweeps can remove mold, but attention still needs to be paid to the water problem that caused the mold growth in the first place. Water and mold in the attic near the chimney is a sign that the chimney flashing is not sealed properly. Repointing damaged joints and installing a chimney cap will both reduce the potential for water in the chimney.

Smells coming from the chimney can be particularly bad in the summer when the air conditioner is on, because the negative pressure brings air into the house through the chimney. You should be able to control this airflow through the chimney with a good damper.

Trust your nose. A foul smell coming from the chimney is not normal and is reason to call a professional for a chimney cleaning or chimney repair.

Jesse Peralta

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