We Install New Chimney Chase Cover

Before Photo Chimney Chase Cover
Before Picture of a Chimney Chase Cover
After Photo Chimney Chase Cover
After picture of a Chimney Chase Cover Replacement

If you Chimney Chase Covers is showing signs of rust you need to get it replaced before it becomes a bigger problem for you. Chimney Chase Covers that are rusted can leave awful rust streaks that will run down your chimney along with potential water leaks inside the chimney. A water leak can lead to costly repairs. For simple maintenance and peace of mind have one of our chimney sweep professionals inspect your chimney annually.

If replacement of your chimney chase cover is needed we usually make them in Stainless steel so they won’t last.  We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our Stainless Steel products from chimney chase covers to chimney caps.  Call Us Today! 503-655-2446


By Jesse Peralta

Jesse Peralta

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