Summer Chimney Maintenance

Now is a great time of year to give your chimney some chimney maintenance some tender loving care. Summer rests between the seasons of home heating and fireplace use, so it’s an optimal opportunity to clean the chimney of leftover soot and prepare it for autumn. Chimcare, LLC provides quality services for chimneys that include sweep, cleaning, repair, liner installation, and part replacement. Follow these steps this summer for a fresh, clean chimney and fireplace that will give you peace of mind before the cold weather returns.

Hire a Chimney Sweep
If they haven’t yet been cleaned after winter, your chimney and fireplace are most likely covered with soot. You can clear the ashes from the fireplace with a broom or vacuum, but we recommend hiring professional help for the dirtier work. Chimcare, LLC specialists will execute a thorough chimney maintenance and fireplace sweep to rid your home of a sooty mess and fire hazard.

Check rain caps
Now that rainy season is over (knock on wood) it’s important to check your chimney’s cap/ spark arrestor. Wind and months of rain may have caused damage to these parts, so now is a great time to get them repaired. Chimcare, LLC professionals can evaluate all parts of your chimney for areas that need special attention.

Animal control
Spring and summer bring out the critters. During a chimney maintenance inspection, check vent screens and the top of the flue—these areas often hide nooks and crannies between the smoke path that provide ideal nesting grounds for birds. Squirrels and raccoons are common nesters in chimneys, so it’s important to protect your home from these unwanted visitors before they get too comfortable and stay for winter.

Cover the fireplace
Place a fireplace cover in front of the opening to keep children and pets out. This will also keep the area surrounding your fireplace clean of ash and dust.

Keep your home safe this summer with chimney and fireplace maintenance. Contact Chimcare, LLC for an evaluation and sweep!

Jesse Peralta

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