Fireplace Chimney Damper Service for the Greater Portland Metro areas of Oregon

When your current fireplace damper rusts out and becomes nonfunctional a rooftop damper is required. This is the most affordable way to fix the problem! Our Rooftop Portland Dampers serves as both a Fireplace Damper and Chimney Cap. The Rooftop damper is constructed of Stainless Steel and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Call today and we can Install Quickly! Don’t let your heat go up and out the chimney. This is the #1 Heat loss in homes that don’t have a proper working Damper. Contact Us Today.

Why Should I get my Fireplace Damper fixed?

A non-working fireplace Damper is a major source of heat loss in a home. This occurs when your damper is rusted, broken or does not seal properly. Installing a new Fireplace Damper in Portland asap will help keep you and your family warmer and will save you money on your heat bill!