Increasing Energy efficiency by installing a fireplace flue damper

Increasing energy efficiency is one of the best ways for homeowners to save money and reduce their environmental impact by having a fireplace flue damper installed. Homes, in general, have seen a 30% increase in their energy efficiency over the past four decades thanks to innovations like loose-fill fiberglass insulation, coated windows, and energy efficient compressors for refrigerators. Yet heat loss through the chimney remains a senseless loss of money and energy for many homeowners because they either forget to close their damper or their flue damper is no longer functional.

There are two types of fireplace flue dampers, throat dampers and top-mounting dampers. Throat dampers are located just above the firebox and top-mounting dampers are located, as the name suggests, on top of the flue.  By installing one of these you will by increasing energy efficiency.

Throat dampers are better located for energy savings than top-mounting dampers because they eliminate the need to heat or condition the air in the flue. However, the metal pieces can rust over time making them less efficient and sometimes inoperable. Unfortunately, throat dampers can be difficult to replace.

If your throat damper fails, installing a top-mounting damper is an easy solution. A top-mounting fireplace flue damper also protects the chimney flue from rainwater and animal pests, and extinguishes flying embers that could potentially catch fire to your roof.

The technicians at Chimcare LLC have the experience to evaluate the condition of your Fireplace flue damper and recommend a course of action if it is not working well. They can also give you other tips on how to increasing energy efficiency and reduce your environmental impact when burning wood. Holding onto your money and saving energy can be as easy as closing your damper. Don’t wait to save; call them today.

Jesse Peralta

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