Home Maintenance — A Different Kind of Insurance

Purchasing insurance to cover a house against a fire or flood helps people feel secure and is part of home maintenance. Maintaining a home is different kind of insurance — a house kept in good condition will reduce potential accidents and limit larger repairs in the future. This is especially true for chimney and fireplace maintenance.

A small crack in your fireplace and chimney may look like nothing at first, but before long, can become something significant if it introduces water to other parts of your chimney. Water exposure accelerates further masonry damage, rusts metal parts, and creates an opportunity for mold growth.

There are early signs that your chimney needs maintenance. Bricks exposed to water can appear white on their surface because of dissolved minerals. Bricks that are collapsing or mortar that is sagging out are also signs of water exposure that need to be addressed.

Knowing the condition of your chimney is important. A yearly check-up by chimney professionals will bring you peace of mind that your chimney and fireplace are safe to use and will not cause you significant expense in the future. Chimney professionals sell insurance in the form of chimney caps, masonry water repellent, brick re-pointing and flashing repair. If you take care of your chimney and fireplace today, you will save time and money tomorrow.

Jesse Peralta

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