Chimney Sweeping is in full force!

As the cold weather moves in, you can find our top notch chimney sweeps out and about chimney sweeping, cleaning fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves ect. This is the time of year when the flood of calls come roaring in and we are prepared and happy to keep our loyal employees busy and their families fed. We appreciate our customers loyalty and work that they provide us in these tough economic times. So hats off to keeping your local chimney sweeping business busy and for keeping your families safe this year!  As they say in Mary Poppings.. Chim Chim Cheree !  Call for the best chimney sweeping company in town.  Sorry we don’t send little kids down the chimney like you see in the movies. Yes, we do get asked that question!  As for as i know Portland, Oregon does not allow kids to clean your chimney. However, we do have fully trained licensed technicians that will treat your chimney and home with care and can give you a proper chimney evaluation.  Chimney Sweeping is an art and skilled craft.  Making sure you hire the right company is critical to the safety of your home and family.

Call the company that has been servicing chimney’s here in the Portland areas since 1989.  Don’t let the fly by night companies who offer to good to be prices ruin you chimney or home.

Jesse Peralta

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