Chimney Sweep and Chimney Repair Portland

Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association NFPA, recommends annual chimney sweep and chimney repair Portland if necessary for all chimney systems.  This is true no matter what fuel you burn and regardless of how often you use your chimney.  That’s potent advice coming from people dedicated to saving lives and property – advice that has stood the test of time.  Keep your family and home safe and have your chimney cleaned and inspected before the cold season approaches.  You can also save money by having your chimney sweep and chimney repair portland completed before September.  Remember we do everything chimney such as tuck-pointing, crown repair, flashing replacement, chimney building and chimney cleaning. Call today Ph# 503-655-2446 and Save 15% OFF YOUR NEXT SCHEDULED SERVICE – OFFER GOOD FOR AUGUST ONLY!

Jesse Peralta

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