Chimcare can fix all of your Fireplace Flue Damper problems. We service the Greater Portland Metro and rural areas such as Silverton, Molalla, Sandy, Clackamas, Newberg, Canby, Woodburn, Oregon City and many more smaller communities. We DO NOT CHARGE any travel fee’s!! So don’t hesitate to call the best!

What Is a chimney damper? A Portland chimney damper sits at the top of the back firebox wall. You can usually peer up the chimney and will see a handle pointing down. This is where you open the damper. When deciding to lit a fire you must open the damper so smoke goes up the chimney and not out into your room. In some cases you might not notice the fireplace damper at all, if this is the case you might be throwing hundreds of dollars a year right up your chimney. If a damper is not present or is not in proper working condition heat will escape up the chimney and is the #1 heat loss source in homes.If your chimney damper is not working, not present, rusted or if you are not sure if you have one, Call Us Today! We can remove old rusted dampers and can install new ones. We have several options and are licensed technicians can find the right solution for you.