You have two options when it comes to fireplace construction: a built in-place masonry fireplace made from bricks or stone, or a prefabricated firebox that can be grouted in.

Fireplace construction often includes the installation of a flue liner. Some older homes still use clay tiles to line their flue. If these start to fall away from the wall of the chimney then they need repair. With new fireplace construction, metal flue liners are usually installed. The smooth surface creates the optimal venting and they are easier to keep clean.

Fireplace construction also includes the installation of a fireplace damper. Dampers should have good seal to keep your conditioned air from escaping out of your home. Dampers begin to warp after several years because of the extreme temperatures they are exposed to. If you look up into the flue and can see any sunlight with the damper closed, then you may consider replacing your flue damper.

A fireplace can add a cozy ambiance to any home. Whether you are doing a new fireplace construction or restoring an old fireplace, Chimcare is the experienced masonry company that will provide you with top-quality craftsmanship and adherence to safety and building codes.

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