The roof line of your home is an important architectural feature that is often overlooked. An embellishment like a copper chimney cap can add instant charm. In just a few months, our copper chimney caps change color to a beautiful, green-brown antique patina, giving your house a distinctive, old-world appearance.

Our standard copper chimney cap is made from a solid copper top and copper-plated stainless steel base and screen. It fits snugly on top of the flue and is bolted to the liner. Standard sizes are (9” x 9”), (8” x 12”), (12” x 12”), (13” x 13”), (12” x 16”), (16” x 16”). We can also build any copper chimney cap to properly fit over your chimney flue. Custom copper chimney caps Portland is our specialty.We also custom build chimney caps to fit your architectural style. The hip and ridge copper chimney cap is a popular choice for both modern and classic style homes. The majestic-looking, tall copper chimney shroud can turn any home into a castle. Both of these styles can be designed to completely cover the chimney crown, providing added protection from the rain.


Our caps are built with function in mind. They protect your chimney from rain and animal pests for the lifetime of your chimney. Add instant value and beauty to your home with the simple addition of a copper chimney cap.