Chimney Repair Newberg, Oregon

Our Brick Mason Mike goes to work on a chimney repair Newberg job.  Tuck-pointing a chimney in Newberg Oregon can be a tough job especially in this high heat.  To proper tuck-p0int a chimney you need the right tools to do the job and for the safety of the employee.  Mike is a seasoned skilled brick mason who specializes in doing Chimney Rebuilds, Tuck-Pointing, Crowns, Flashing, Walk Ways, Firebox Repairs and Chimney Repair Newberg.  Chimcare is a family owned business since 1989. We have locations in Portland, Gresham, Sandy, Salem, McMinnville, Corvallis and Eugene Oregon.  If your looking for the job done right than you have arrived at the right chimney repair company.

Get the job done right at an affordable rate.  We are licensed, bonded and insured and will treat your chimney as if it were ours.

Chimney Repair Newberg
Mike working on a chimney repair Newberg job
Jesse Peralta

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