Summer Chimney Maintenance

Now is a great time of year to give your chimney some chimney maintenance some tender loving care. Summer rests between the seasons of home heating and fireplace use, so it’s an optimal opportunity to clean the chimney of leftover soot and prepare it for autumn. Chimcare, LLC provides quality services for chimneys that include […]

brick masonry

Brick Masonry Stands the Test of Time

Thinking about brick masonry construction makes me wonder about ancient civilizations. It’s a wonder that thousand-year-old masonry structures still stand today. Can we learn how to increase the lifetime of our brick masonry structures from ancient civilizations? The longevity of the Roman structures was due, in part, to their cement. Ancient Roman cement contained volcanic […]


Burning Garbage is Dangerous

Last week, one of my friends threw a Styrofoam take-out container into a campfire. I immediately tried to fish it out which prompted my friend to immediately look up on her iPhone whether it’s okay to burn Styrofoam. She discovered that it isn’t safe to burn Styrofoam or any other plastics. Plastics only partially burn […]