President – Jesse Peralta

Jesse started with chimcare at the age of 18 while attending Clackamas Community College for his Business and Marketing Degree. At the age of 20 he decided to pursue another career with Trugreen-Chemlawn. While at Trugreen-Chemlawn he succeeded as a sales rep and was promoted to assistant sales manager after a year.

A year later he was promoted to Sales Manager and moved to Walton Hills Ohio to Manage a Branch. Jesse spent 2-1/2 years in Ohio before deciding he missed the Pacific Northwest where he enjoyed Camping, Snowboarding and being around his Family and Friends. Once back in Oregon he found himself working as a Lumber Trader for Western International where he imported product from around the world and sold them across North America.

In the Summer of 2005 Richard Peralta decided to retire. Richard had the company up for sale and after much consideration Jesse decided he wanted to keep the business in the family and took it over from his father. Today Jesse holds the company to the same quality standards that his father did and is currently expanding Chimcare all over Oregon.

In his spare time Jesse enjoys spending time with his wife and family and enjoys all the activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer!


Founder – Richard Peralta

I started Chimcare in the spring of 1989. After always wanting my own business, I figured that this would be an easy startup business. In 1976 I was in the bricklayers apprenticeship program and after graduating, I found a job working for a local brick mason. For two years a learned the basics of masonry and fireplace construction. Little did I know back then, that this would be very valuable in the chimney business that I would start 13 years later.

I originally came across the idea of a chimney cleaning business from an ad in some magazines that I would occasionally read. A company by the name of “August West” sold the equipment and the know how to get started. At that time a had no money to purchase the equipment new, but eventually found the equipment used in a local paper want ads.

The first chimney I ever cleaned was our own. From there, I cleaned neighbors and friends chimneys. It was all learned on “trial and error”. As I gained the know how, I placed an ad in the local paper and started getting calls. I converted the family van over to a work van by removing the rear seats, installing a ladder rack and placing a “magnetic signs” on the doors. Chimcare was off and running.

Chimcare from the beginning was built on quality service. Its early motto was, “Where quality comes first”. For two years, I cleaned chimneys part-time while working a full-time job as a bread deliveryman for Oroweat. I was working between 80 to 100 hours a week between both jobs as this is what it took to get it started and also still be able to support a family of six.

In the fall of 1991, I left my full-time job and went full-time into the chimney business. It was all or broke.

As time went on, I added such services as Duct and Dryer vent cleaning. Also many chimney services were added besides cleaning. The year that the “spring earthquake” hit, I spent that spring and summer and the following, doing mainly chimney repair and rebuilding.

Jesse (now owner) worked with me around the mid-nineties, cleaning chimneys. He caught on fast and was soon out on his own with another van. The customers were very pleased with his work. After all he learned from the best.

Eventually, I went on to follow my heart and return to the ministry of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ out on the streets of Portland. So in the fall of 2005, Jesse took over and has been the owner ever since. With renewed enthusiasm and business know how, he has been the perfect replacement to carry on the family business well into the 21st century.

God bless,
Richard Peralta

Andrew High

Office Manager – Bryan Wollenweber

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Walter Smith

CSIA Technician – 25+ Year Experience – Walter Smith

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Tony B

Masonry Specialist – 25+ Years Exp – Tony B

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Conrad Michalek

Masonry Specialist – 25+ Year’s Experience – Conrad Michalek

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Arturo M

Masonry Apprentice – 1+ Years Exp. – Arturo M.

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Ryan McNair

Chimney Sweep – 5 year’s Experience – Ryan McNair

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Maclane S

Chimney Sweep – 2+ Years Exp. – Maclane S

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Michael W

Chimney Sweep – 1+ Years Exp. – Michael W.

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Jeff P

Chimney Sweep – 1+ Years Exp. – Jeff P.

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Cory J

Chimney Sweep – 1+ Years Exp. – Cory J.

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