Chimney Repair West Linn, Oregon

Chimney Repair West Linn
A Chimney Repair West Linn Job

Masonry Contractor Chad works on a Chimney Repair West Linn, Oregon yesterday.  New Chimney Crown, Flue Tiles and Chimney Caps were installed.  Nice work Chad!  Check out our website for more info on chimney repair west linn

Our company offers and array of chimney repair west linn services.  We teardown and rebuild chimney’s and fireplaces.  We also do minor repairs such as tuck pointing, crown repair, flashing repair and water proofing of the exterior of the chimney.  If you have bricks in need of repair we can also replace bricks.  Sometimes if chimney’s are left uncared for water penetration can damage the brick and the brick itself will start to crumble away and will be in need of brick repair.

Jesse Peralta

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